Group Events // team building // PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

Challenge is the impetus for growth

At ROAMFurther Athletics in Mt. Kisco, NY, we host Team Building & Professional Development events focused on obstacle-oriented challenges & movement-based experiences.

Traditional Team Building methods focus on testing a group against a single challenge. Our program presents challenges the group shares, but are accomplished by the individual.

The mutual nature of the challenge creates a connection of camaraderie. An awareness that each person had the same uncharted experience, and found themselves on the other side capable of something completely new.

All ages & athletic abilities are welcome and capable of participating, with a sliding scale of challenge for each individual.

Relax at our in-house Coffee Bar. Espresso, tea, and tonic based beverages compose the base of our menu. We offer a variety of baked goods & treats.

We also host our private conference area with easy access to our Coffee Bar, with or without our athletic offerings.