ROAMFurther Coffee

Adventure is not always action. Sometimes it’s simply sitting and sharing warm memories over warm drink. Brewed, served, and savored—coffee and tea are time worn traditions, made with the highest quality ingredients and care.

ROAMFurther Athletic’s Speakeasy-style Coffee Bar is hidden in the back of Grand Prix, NY in Mt. Kisco, NY.

Specialty Coffee, Espresso, and Tea based beverages compose the base of our menu. We also offer a variety of locally curated baked goods & deliberately sourced treats.

(Yes, we have free WiFi)


Southern Italian Espresso is the foundation of the ROAMFurther caffè. Miscela–meaning ‘mixture’ in Italian–is the blend we’ve chosen to represent the heritage flavors of the Southern Italian region. A blend of two beans and two roasts–medium and dark–creates an authentic rendition of the rich Southern style.


Founded almost 100 years ago, La Marzocco is an industry standard for Espresso Machines. Our cafe is home to a La Marzocco Linea PB, a streamlined refinement of their classic Linea machine that stood un-altered for nearly 25 years. It’s a machine as beautiful as the product it produces, keeping the quality of our coffee even with the original La Marzocco-trusting coffee houses of Florence, Italy.


A brand new method of making consistent Pour-Over coffee, our Ground Control brewer runs multiple extractions of the same beans–an idea once thought antithetical to a good cup of coffee–in a way that introduces and emboldens flavors that often go un-tasted in a traditional cup of pour-over.

Beyond it’s ability to create a replicable pour-over flavor profile, Ground Control also enables us to create batch concentrates, as well as a variation of Cold-Brew (what we call ‘Smooth-Brew’)  that takes just 8 minutes to produce instead of the traditional 24 hour process.