Brewed, served, and savored—coffee and tea are time worn traditions, made here with the highest quality ingredients and care. (Yes, we have free WiFi)


ROAMFurther Athletic’s Speakeasy-style Coffee Bar in Mt. Kisco, NY is hidden in Grand Prix NY Racing. Enter our marked door, pass through the arcade, and keep going until you see the golden light and smell the roasted coffee.


Specialty Coffee, Espresso, and Tea based beverages compose the base of our menu (found below). We also offer a variety of baked goods from local partners & thoughtfully sourced treats.


Southern Italian Espresso is the foundation of the ROAMFurther Coffee Bar. Miscela–meaning ‘mixture’ in Italian–is the blend we’ve chosen to represent the heritage flavors of the Southern Italian region. A combination of two beans and two roasts–medium and dark–culminate in an authentic rendition of the rich Southern style.


Founded almost 100 years ago, La Marzocco is an industry standard for Espresso Machines. Our cafe is home to a La Marzocco Linea PB, a streamlined refinement of their classic Linea machine that stood un-altered for nearly 25 years. It’s a machine as beautiful as the product it produces, keeping the quality of our coffee even with the original La Marzocco-trusting coffee houses of Florence, Italy.











Hot Chocolate



Shaken Iced Latte

Shaken Iced Cappuccino

Iced Americano

Shaken Iced Matcha

Shaken Iced Chai Latte

Espresso Soda

Cold Brew

Cold Chocolate


Dragonwell Green

Jasmine Green

Earl Gray

English Breakfast

Lemon Ginger


Citrus Chamomile

Decaf English Breakfast




Matcha Latte

Golden Latte

Prana Chai Latte

Turmeric Chai Latte

Upstate Special


Holiday Cocoa


A brand new method of making consistent Pour-Over coffee, our Ground Control brewer runs multiple extractions of the same beans–an idea once thought antithetical to a good cup of coffee–in a way that introduces and emboldens flavors that often go un-tasted in a traditional cup of pour-over.

Beyond it’s ability to create a replicable pour-over flavor profile, Ground Control also enables us to create batch concentrates, as well as a variation of Cold-Brew (what we call ‘Smooth-Brew’)  that takes just 8 minutes to produce instead of the traditional 24 hour process.


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ROAMFurther Coffee
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Simon WolffSimon Wolff
14:42 23 Apr 24
Amazing service and instruction but barely ever stock up on cookies!
Zachary MallerZachary Maller
21:14 21 Mar 24
High end coffee equipment and very knowledgeable baristas.Beautiful space, free parkour show to go along with your cortado. How could you go wrong with that?!Very nice Italian style roast.Also a fun speakeasy feel going through an arcade to get here.
Vanessa CandelariaVanessa Candelaria
01:51 17 Mar 24
Cute little coffee shop in the midst of much chaos.We tried a cappuccino and espresso soda. Both were decent. If you’re already in the building with kids it’s a nice getaway but I wouldn’t make a special trip to come specifically to this coffee shop. It’s definitely not quiet or peaceful but that’s to be expected considering it’s adjoined to a parkour gym.While the coffee was good, it wasn’t the best I’ve ever had or particularly unique. I also had high expectations because I saw so many 5 star reviews so maybe that led to my disappointment.
Luisa G.C.Luisa G.C.
21:19 15 Oct 23
Awesome coffee and service at Roamfurther. If you’re in the area - so worth stopping in!
Bracha SandnerBracha Sandner
20:59 13 Sep 23
Nothing better than enjoying my coffee while watching my child enjoy their class. It’s always delicious! Really a treat to have it so accessible.
Joeyee ChingJoeyee Ching
14:12 09 Jul 23
A hidden gem of a coffee shop.I am particular about my coffee and this places hits the spot. Bonus that my kiddo gets to parkour while I enjoy my cortado.
Diana DesrocherDiana Desrocher
21:46 26 May 23
Fantastic coffee and a delicious assortment of pastries from local bakeries. Nice place to catch a break while kids are playing at the arcade, or practicing parkour.Also available are cold drinks and kid friendly snacks.
Sarah CamilliSarah Camilli
19:41 09 May 23
I was in the Mt. Kisco area for a meeting and needed a coffee fix, thankfully ROAMFurther Coffee was nearby. Located within the Grand Prix Race building in the back, this place is truly a hidden gem! The barista made me a chai latte that was absolutely delicious! There was plenty of chairs and counter space, a variety of locally curated baked goods, FREE Wi-Fi and FREE parkour entertainment since its located next to the ROAMFurther parkour gym. Looking forward to going back!
Kerry McGillKerry McGill
15:52 22 Apr 23
Love the shaken vanilla latte! Such a unique and delicious flavor. You have to come and give it a try.
Rebecca HershbergRebecca Hershberg
20:29 21 Apr 23
Karen MelilloKaren Melillo
17:10 20 Apr 23
The matcha latte is my fav! Great spot with awesome people.
Mark KaufmannMark Kaufmann
21:43 27 Feb 23
I stopped by ROAMFurther Coffee in Mt. Kisco the other day and had a Lazy Vault Latte, and wow - it was amazing. I'm no coffee expert (just an expert coffee drinker), but this was one of the best lattes I've ever had. The flavor was smooth and delicious, and the coffee was perfectly brewed. I also had the chance to try the local banana bread - seriously awesome! Definitely going back for more.And can we talk about the location!? The coffee shop is right next to the ROAMFurther Parkour Gym, which is a really cool location. It was the perfect spot for a coffee break. The inside of the coffee shop was open and very welcoming, and the staff were really friendly and helpful. Overall I had a great experience and I highly recommend checking it out if you're in the area. It's definitely one of the best coffee shops around!