We are coaches, athletes, and adventurers with well over a decade of experience in both the disciplines of movement and the instruction of them. We’ve refined that experience and knowledge into specialized obstacle-based classes and programming. We begin with fundamentals achievable by all, adapting and advancing them to fit age, individual interest, and developing skill level.


ROAM was built to be a home and waypoint for movement-minded adventure seekers with a passion for leading active lifestyles. We welcome all those who seek the same, whether you’re living in that way already, or just starting on the path.



The founders of ROAM are pioneers of movement and exploration; keystones in the New England Parkour community, responsible for starting some of the first programs in the region.



We believe movement is the fundamental way in which we interact with the world. Learning to move—to use your body and all it’s capable of—shifts the world from something you’re simply an observer of, to something you’re an active participant in. It is one thing to walk through a forest, and another to sit in the eaves of a tree you’ve climbed to watch the sun sink below the canopy.


We are a team of athletes who want to move and move well for as long as possible. We train—and as a result instruct—with a mindset of controlled, deliberate progression. We teach to the ability of the individual and guide their growth with sustainability and longevity at the heart of our method.


Our bodies are the tools with which we move through our world; Parkour is the knowledge of how to use them.

Ninja, Obstacle Course Racing, Acrobatics: if movement is a part of it, Parkour is at its heart. It is a discipline of learning to move and adapt to new environmentsbe it an old-growth forest, an urban landscape, or a playground with your little one at the lead.


American Ninja Warrior is a sport originating from the Japanese television show ‘Sasuke’. Since its arrival here in the States, it’s grown from its humble entertainment roots into a thriving fitness and competition circuit. Ninja Warrior focuses on navigating unique obstacles using specialized skills, with the goal of improving both speed of completion and mastery of technique.

Peter Feola
I love everything about roam, the instructors, the facilities, the Art of parkour. More importantly my kids absolutely love it. They would be there 24/7 if it were an option.
Matthew Conway
Amazing place, Friendly staff, and a peaceful atmosphere. The Coffee is to die for, and their space has a lot to offer!
Kim Rosenberg
We love Roam. Our daughter looks forward to it every week. Highly recommend. Coffee is great.
Ernest Henick
This place is so cool and so great for any age. For me it is incredible for getting into unique condition with muscles not normally used in traditional workouts or sports. Yet the usage of these muscles helps so much in most sports activities! For my son, it has been transformational in terms of his confidence and willingness to challenge himself. Besides being such great people here (Joe, Nick, Jonathan), their coffee is great!
Julie Henick
This is my son’s favorite place! I’ve watched his confidence grow as he learns these wonderful skills. He has faced challenges and fears with the help of the amazing coaches here. Every single person that works at Roam is so friendly, genuine and really caring. Plus the coffee bar is truly the best in town!
Thom Cappo
This place is amazing [: If you're interested in learning one of the coolest arts of movement from interesting and talented people/athletes then this is the place for you! Not sure about the jumps? That's alright! Stop in for a coffee! You can sip and think about it under the warm and welcoming atmosphere you'll be introduced to as soon as you enter the doors. Truly a one of a kind place!
Will Davidson
Best parkour gym I’ve ever been to. Hands down. It’s like a dream.
Owen Hu
Staff are professional coaches and the environment is great for growing and improving. Staff always willing to help best place to further pursue movement.