One Of A Kind Parkour, Ninja & Obstacle Training Center + Coffee Bar in Mt. Kisco, NY

Movement, exploration, and specialized skillsets for kids as young as 10 months and as old as 17 years.

ROAM’s youth classes focus on children’s inherent curiosity for movement, refining and reinforcing it through the fundamentals of Parkour.

Guided by our team, students learn to specialize in the many unique skills of Parkour, and even begin to create their own as their own abilities develop.

Obstacle Training Fitness classes for Adults, beginning with fundamentals everyone can achieve. Honest. We’ve taught 18, 80, and every age between.

Create new confidence in yourself as you re-learn your movement through the discipline of Parkour.

A workout that doesn’t feel like work—because when you’re enjoying what you’re doing, work is the last thing on your mind.

Birthday Parties at ROAM offer a high-energy, coach led athletic experience with exclusive use of our unique training facility in Mount Kisco, NY.

 Our highly skilled coaches create parkour and ninja based obstacle challenges for kids of all ages and abilities. Parkour inspired architecture and Ninja Warrior Warped Walls are just a few elements that make parties at ROAM memorable!

Please schedule a tour of ROAMFurther Athletics to see our facility and discuss party customization options.

Our youth camps focus on constant growth through dynamic skill development and play.

Between skill-oriented stations we introduce movement games like Chase Tag (based on ESPN’s ‘World Chase Tag’) led by World Chase Tag athletes.

With thousands of skills to learn, and our modular training space, each camp feels different based on the skill focus and gym layout of the day.

ROAMFurther’s Team Building program takes group learning and problem solving from the office into the world of physical, Obstacle-Based challenges.

Work together to tackle different group challenges, relying on the support of your teammates to make it over each new hurdle.

Relax at our in-house Coffee Bar. Espresso, tea, and tonic based beverages makeup the foundation of our menu. We offer a variety of local baked goods & thoughtfully sourced treats.

Coffee is community and community is the heart of ROAM.

Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte–shaken or iced,  Drip, Cold-Brew, Matcha, Chai, Leaf, Chocolate–Hot, Cold, Dark, or Milk, Holiday, and Seasonal.

Coffee, tea, and time-tested drinks are made with the highest quality ingredients and care here in Mt. Kisco, NY at ROAMFurther Athletic’s in-house Coffee Bar.

Peter Feola
I love everything about roam, the instructors, the facilities, the Art of parkour. More importantly my kids absolutely love it. They would be there 24/7 if it were an option.
Matthew Conway
Amazing place, Friendly staff, and a peaceful atmosphere. The Coffee is to die for, and their space has a lot to offer!
Kim Rosenberg
We love Roam. Our daughter looks forward to it every week. Highly recommend. Coffee is great.
Ernest Henick
This place is so cool and so great for any age. For me it is incredible for getting into unique condition with muscles not normally used in traditional workouts or sports. Yet the usage of these muscles helps so much in most sports activities! For my son, it has been transformational in terms of his confidence and willingness to challenge himself. Besides being such great people here (Joe, Nick, Jonathan), their coffee is great!
Julie Henick
This is my son’s favorite place! I’ve watched his confidence grow as he learns these wonderful skills. He has faced challenges and fears with the help of the amazing coaches here. Every single person that works at Roam is so friendly, genuine and really caring. Plus the coffee bar is truly the best in town!
Thom Cappo
This place is amazing [: If you're interested in learning one of the coolest arts of movement from interesting and talented people/athletes then this is the place for you! Not sure about the jumps? That's alright! Stop in for a coffee! You can sip and think about it under the warm and welcoming atmosphere you'll be introduced to as soon as you enter the doors. Truly a one of a kind place!
Will Davidson
Best parkour gym I’ve ever been to. Hands down. It’s like a dream.
Owen Hu
Staff are professional coaches and the environment is great for growing and improving. Staff always willing to help best place to further pursue movement.