Our guided Birthday Parties at ROAMFurther in Mt. Kisco are perfect for high energy celebrations! Starting with our “Primo” party package which includes a structured 60 minutes of exclusive use in our dedicated obstacle / training area led by our coaching team, followed by 30 minutes in our private birthday party room. We rotate through a series of Parkour & Ninja specific activities using our wide variety of training equipment:


  • MaxAir Super Trampoline
  • BigAirBag Landing Airbag
  • Soft-block obstacle courses
  • Urban-inspired climbing architecture
  • Modular bar setup for swings & balance
  • Ninja Warrior styled obstacles including true-to-show Warped Walls and smaller kid-friendly size


We conduct a range of different stations and activities depending on the skill-level and interests of the birthday party group. Come in for a tour of the space in Mt. Kisco to plan and discuss party customization together.


Our main focus is ensuring the party is in alignment with the wishes of the group to create a personalized experience unlike any other!


Following your time in our training space is dedicated time in our party room. Decorate and design however you like for simple after party refreshments or a more elaborate food and cake celebration!


Adults can watch the birthday party from our extended coffee bar countertop overlooking the training space, and socialize over our coffee, tea-based beverages, and locally sourced baked goods at our in-house coffee shop. We even offer a customizable Coffee Bar Tab that can be extended to any guests attending the Birthday Party.


Please contact us for birth party reservations, further details, and package customization options!

Email, call, or text to view availability and/or request to reserve your Birthday at ROAMFurther Athletics in Mt. Kisco!