ROAMFurther Athletics is proud to offer fundraising, camps, and custom programming for the Northern Westchester (and beyond!) school systems. We’re open to all educational models, and grade levels–including Homeschool communities!

team building



At ROAMFurther Athletics in Mt. Kisco, NY, we host Team Building & Professional Development events focused on obstacle-oriented challenges & movement-based experiences.

Our Team Building program presents challenges that are shared by everyone in the group, but accomplished by the individual.

The day takes on an atmosphere of camaraderie as each participant completes new challenges and learns new skills alongside their teammates. The mutual nature of these challenges creates a supportive environment where everyone’s individual drive to learn becomes a shared impetus for growth.

All ages & athletic abilities are welcome and capable of participating, with a sliding scale of challenge for each individual.

While each challenge is physical in nature, breaking down the techniques and dealing with new situations encompasses a largely psychological component of our program.

This manifests in many of the classic Team Building foundations: problem solving, assessing personal uncertainty, dealing with measured risk, and deciding how to navigate a shared challenge as an individual within a greater group.

Relax at our in-house Coffee Bar. Espresso, tea, and tonic based beverages compose the base of our menu. We offer a variety of baked goods & treats, and offer customizable tab options, or service on an individual basis.

Host your after-event meeting in our private conference area with easy access to our Coffee Bar. Available as part of–or separate from–our athletic offerings.


Parkour-focused speed competitions function in 3 varying formats. Set-Path Time Trials, Target-Tagging, and Vault + Sprint Lanes.

Complete a checklist of pre-set skill challenges within a given time-limit. As rounds progress, difficulty increases, and time diminishes.

ROAM’s unique fusion of Parkour & Ninja-styled competitions. Taking principles from both disciplines and testing athletes in a hybridized speed-course designed around each.


Workshops led by Athletes specializing in a specific movement niche. From Front-Flips, to Descents, to Everyday Mobility. Expect a wide-range of skills from world class movement athletes & coaches.

Planning for your next endurance-based Obstacle Race? Looking for a deeper understanding of the most common OCR obstacles and skills to tackle them? Our Parkour-influenced movement and mindset is the best solution for you.

Our Vision & Mindset workshops focus on improving your ability to see and assess the world around you relative to your ability level. We hone in on the underpinning philosophies of our methods, and explain how to convert them into practical use.


Parkour is for everyone. While it’s a discipline focused on the individual, it’s still at its best when practiced as a group. Our new Family Classes bring that experience to everyone in the household—not just the kids!

Try new ways to move for all age and ability levels. Work with your kids to assess challenges and consider how each of you might accomplish them in your own ways. Explore the movements of Parkour together, learning more about one another and yourselves in the process.


It’s time to take movement outside. Parkour is about learning to use our bodies to move through the world around us. While the gym is an ideal place to practice new movement, there’s nothing quite like taking those skills into everyday environments, both man-made and natural.

 Parkour creates a new appreciation for the architecture of brick and building, stone and tree. The world shifts from something we observe, to something we can be an active participant with.

 Students participate in an extended outdoor class at varying locations, learning to adapt their Parkour skills to an outside environment.

The extended duration of this class means we’ll shift from skill specific training: everyone working a similar skill, tailored to ability level–to group-focused training: students finding challenges of their choosing, and working to complete them in small groups or on their own while the supervising coaches offer guidance and oversee progression.


Parkour provides a unique perspective on challenge, discipline, risk assessment, social norms, and individual accomplishment. We bring our experience, method, and mindset forward in our Speaking Engagement program.