10 - 14+ Years

Roamans classes at ROAMFurther Athletics in Mt. Kisco, NY focus on strengthening the growing physique and guiding the creative interests of the 10-14+ age range through a Parkour minded approach.


Parkour is an artform and discipline that teaches how to use our bodies to move through the world around us. It’s for those who don’t find traditional athletics captivating, and those looking to supplement their athletics with Kinesthetic and Proprioceptive cross-training.

Kinesthesis (awareness of self-motion) and Proprioception (awareness of self relative to surroundings) are the core senses refined by Parkour.

Strength, coordination, agility, and dexterity are all rooted in these forms of awareness, and therefore in Parkour as a principle built upon passively by the nature of a student’s general practice.


ROAMAN classes focus on the fundamentals of Parkour. As students build a strong foundation of these initial skills, we begin to encourage the pursuit of those they find most interesting and personally rewarding.

Jumping, Climbing, Swinging, Balancing, and Acrobatics are just some of the basis from which thousands of skills and skill specializations are derived.

Exploration of movement and creation of personal style is what distinguishes someone just entering into Parkour from a seasoned Parkour athlete.


Goal-focused socializing is a large part of Parkour, and something we emphasize in our ROAMAN classes. Students learn new skills and assess unfamiliar challenges with one another.

Shared risk-assessment strengthens friendships and empathetic awareness.

Our own team is formed from students and training partners we’ve grown up with. We’re a community founded on a mutual love of movement and mindset, building on both together.


A mixture of group training and individualized skill focus make up the structure of our ROAMAN classes.

Group-focused training revolves around coach-selected skills. Either introducing something new, or honing known skills into their most refined forms.

When students shift into individualized training, the coach moves between them, offering advice and instruction on what they’ve chosen to work on.

Self-guidance based on personal interest is encouraged during this time–agency being a fundamental principle of Parkour and the artistic aspect of the discipline.


Class Age Ranges

10 – 14 Years

14+ Years