5 - 10 Yrs

Roamers classes at ROAMFurther Athletics in Mt. Kisco, NY are designed to focus the natural energy and desire to move through a Parkour minded approach. We grow, reinforce, and refine strength, coordination, agility, and kinesthesia.


Parkour is an artform and discipline for both those who don’t find traditional athletics captivating, and those looking to supplement their athletic interests with movement and body oriented cross-training.


Kinesthesia is our sense of self relative to the space around us. Jumping, climbing, balancing–the root movements of Parkour–enhance this sense and the motor skills associated with it.


Each class features a unique variation of obstacle-based stations, making no two classes feel entirely the same. Students work towards accomplishing a variety of challenges at each station using the foundations and fundamentals of Parkour.


Class Age Ranges

5 – 7 yrs

7 – 10 yrs