Youth Classes & Camp for the Homeschool Community

Movement, exploration, and specialized skillsets for kids and groups of all ages.

The above schedule is for our regularly occurring program. All students welcome.

We currently offer one pre-set time block for Homeschool-Specific students:
Thursday: 11:00 – 11:55A

For custom times, groups, and availabilities please contact us directly to discuss their creation & implementation.


The Ethos of ROAMFurther Athletics speaks towards the value of community and the importance of learning to work with and around one another. We admire the shared mindset within the Homeschool Community, and love that our space can serve as a location to cultivate it.

We work with parents & students to accommodate many options for our Homeschool Classes including groups with large age and ability variance and flexible time slots.


While Parkour as a discipline focuses on the individual, Parkour in practice is often done within a group setting. Our class structure fosters an atmosphere of goal-oriented socializing. Students develop new skills and confront unfamiliar challenges with and around others–a massive part of the Parkour experience.

Mutual risk-assessment is an excellent practice for developing strong friendships and personal connections.

Students and training partners who’ve grown up learning with us and one another compose the majority of our own team here at ROAM. A mutual love of movement and mindset serve as the foundation of our community, culminating in the constant growth of Parkour, ourselves, and our relationships to one another.


Our primary focus during classes is reinforcing children’s innate curiosity for movement and desire for achievement through Parkour and its foundations.

ROAM Active classes work with a coach-guided, fluid curriculum. Classes shift between social-oriented training as a group, and self-focused training where we encourage them to seek skills of specific interest.

We ensure a well-paced level of activity throughout class, reducing downtime by replacing lines with area-centric waiting. Students move within a pre-defined station as their coach demonstrates varying challenges and skills, and offers guidance on student’s interest whether social or self-focused.



Parkour’s fundamental principle is learning to use our bodies to move through and interact with the world around us.

It’s a strong alternative to traditional athletics–existing more as an artform and discipline–and is often used as a dynamic crosstraining method because of its attention to whole-body awareness and proprioception.

A perfect pursuit for anyone of any ability, Parkour refines strength, balance, and body awareness–regardless of how much or how little a student starts with.


As a student explores the breadth of Parkour skillsets, they’ll find themselves following natural paths of interest and specialization. We reinforce and encourage this individual focus and the personal styles of movement that arise from it.

Some students gravitate towards acrobatics, some climbing, some jumping, so on and so on. There are dozens of broader skillsets, and each one subdivides further, each subdivision itself becoming a specialization.

Everyone has an interest. Everyone has a specialty. Everyone brings something unique to Parkour, and we love bringing that mindset to our students and their families.


ROAM mixes traditional Ninja obstacles and equipment with our Parkour-inspired architecture and programming. We excel at introducing a wider variety of skills focus to anyone seeking top-level performance in high-profile Ninja competition circuits.


The perfect extended adventure, our youth camps keep your children moving from drop-off to pick-up. The camp structure emphasizes experiential learning, movement-based games, and Parkour focused skill development.


We host community centered, high-profile gatherings, competitions, workshops, and other Parkour and movement-focused events and celebrations.


Whether a student is seeking the educational focus of one-on-one instruction, the expertise of a coach emphasizing a particular style, or a more flexible schedule, our Private Lesson offerings are the perfect fit.